The brand

Réka Vágó is Hungary’s most famous shoe designer. Thanks to her international studies and her massive professional experience, she became the no 1. expert of shoe making in Hungary. She knows exactly what the feet deserves.(other paragraph) Having studied at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest and at London College of Fashion, she gained her fresh and cosmopolitan perspective which she very smartly combined with the experience from her professional dancing past. The REKAVAGO brand, finally established in 2005 was launched to the Hungarian market as a made-to-measure shoe brand.  Due to an ever growing demand, it soon became a premium fashion designer brand which offers seasonal collections for ladies and men, has its wedding line and also produces a wide range of other accessories on top of the iconic unique shoes. Despite the growth of the brand, it has successfully held on to its orinal values, until now we perceive the creativity, the lightness, the comfortability and the key role that is the designer.